Busted! Don’t Believe These Tree Care Myths!

Author: Chris Steele | | Categories: Gallery , Stump Grinding , Stump Removal , Tree Removal , Tree Trimming

Busted! Don’t Believe These Tree Care Myths!

While trees usually take care of themselves in forest areas, in urban environments trees need protection and appropriate care. Most homeowners treasure the trees on their property but know little about how to care for them. However, with so much misinformation in the world today, it is hard for homeowners to figure out what are the best practices and what aren’t.

As part of our mission of spreading awareness about tree care, we’re going to debunk two myths that will help you cut out costly and dangerous mistakes in tree care every year.

Myth 1: The only or best time to trim a tree is in the fall!

Some homeowners might not be familiar with tree trimming or pruning of trees. Even though the best time to trim a tree is in the fall when the tree is dormant, there are times during the other seasons when it is appropriate to trim trees. If there is a significant lapse in trimming or pruning trees over many years, it might need to be addressed sooner than waiting until fall. Also, if a homeowner is selling a home -- the trees in front yard might need a little dressing up in order to look better to sell the house.

Myth 2: Ivy looks good on trees and will not hurt a tree!

Most believe that ivy or vines on a tree looks good and will not damage the tree. However, Ivy or vines can choke a tree and even starve it of some of its needed water, nutrients and sunlight. Ivy and vines may also attract additional insects and bugs to a tree which will weaken it leading it to struggle and be susceptible to stress.

Tree maintenance is far more complicated than most people think and the safest way to ensure your trees are cared for is to hire a professional that will ensure that the trees are treated properly and are able to reach their potential.

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